Cost Of Football Equipment

cost of football equipment

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The inventor of the Referee Paging System: The former German FIFA-Referee Rudolf Kreitlein, June, 14th, 2010, Stuttgart, Germany

The inventor of the Referee Paging System: The former German FIFA-Referee Rudolf Kreitlein, June, 14th, 2010, Stuttgart, Germany


lately, my friend, the former German FIFA-Referee Rudolf Kreitlein was a muched asked man by the media. Previously of events like the soccer worldchampionship in South Africa, magazines, newspapers or radio stations are asking for interviews because of his invention of the yellow and red card. This year, the German magazine "Stern", the second largest Japanese newspaper "Asahi" or the radio station "SWR 4 Radio Stuttgart", met Rudolf Kreitlein for talks.
But FIFA-Referee Rudolf Kreitlein invented not only the yellow an the red card. Rudolf Kreitlein is the inventor of the Referee Paging System as well.
In 1981, Rudolf Kreitlein presented his invention, the "Funk-Commander Rudolf Kreitlein" at the International Trade Fair For Sports Equipment and Fashion (ISPO) in Munich and in the German TV- sport show "Das aktuelle Sportstudio" (ZDF). But Rudolf Kreitlein had no success with his invention. Nevertheless Rudolf Kreitlein`s invention was applied for a patent (DE 31 20 584 A1), the motion to establish the "Funk- Commander" for the referees, was defeated by the FIFA. The world`s football's governing body rejected the new feature on the matter, that any change to the existing norms and rules should be applied worldwide and the cost of the device for small countries and lower division teams are too high. But 14 years after Rudolf Kreitlein`s efforts to establish his invention, the FIFA assigned a swiss company to produce a newer type of the Referee Paging System.
In spite of everything, the former German FIFA-Referee Rudolf Kreitlein will be the inventor of the Referee Paging System for everlasting time. And so if you watch a soccer match and see the referees with their communication systems of today (Headset), think of Rudolf Kreitlein great idea and his pioneering work.

Above a pic of my meeting with my friend, FIFA-Referee Rudolf Kreitlein at his home on June,14th,2010. We talked about his invention of the Referee Paging System.

Best from Stuttgart,



Four agencies have teamed up to provide a kick wall that gives youngsters an area to let off steam with a football. The kick wall project, which has been unveiled in Euxton near Chorley, was funded by Euxton Parish Council, Chorley Borough Council and Chorley Community Housing (CCH), with support from Lancashire Police.

The idea for the equipment is to draw play away from residents fences and give them something to kick balls against. Children using the kick wall have already started using it both for football and basketball.

Debra Platt, Clerk to Euxton Parish Council, said: “The idea came from young people in the village and from Ray, our Police Community Support Officer. Chorley Council's Neighbourhood Working scheme agreed to give ?4,000 to the project, the police did the consultation with the young people and with residents, and CCH contributed ?1000 from their Neighbourhood Fund.”

Euxton Parish Council, which supplied the land, has met the remainder of the cost of equipment and installation and will maintain the equipment in future.

Chris Richardson, Neighbourhood Development Officer for CCH, said: “We’re delighted to have been able to help with this project, which will provide a focal point for children playing football in the area and hopefully mean fewer reported incidents of anti-social behaviour.”

Photograph shows (left to right):

Chris Richardson, CCH: Euxton Parish Council Chairman John Matson; PCSO Raymond Chadwick from Euxton's Neighbourhood Policing Team; Councillor Eric Bell, Executive Member for Places at Chorley Council; Borough Councillor for Euxton North Debra Platt (and Clerk to the Parish Council)

cost of football equipment

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