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Telephone Test Equipment

telephone test equipment

  • transmitting speech at a distance

  • A system that converts acoustic vibrations to electrical signals in order to transmit sound, typically voices, over a distance using wire or radio

  • electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"

  • call: get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"

  • A game in which a message is distorted by being passed around in a whisper

  • An instrument used as part of such a system, typically a single unit including a handset with a transmitting microphone and a set of numbered buttons by which a connection can be made to another such instrument

telephone test equipment - Triplett 9615

Triplett 9615 Line-Bug 4 Phone and LAN Line Tester

Triplett 9615 Line-Bug 4 Phone and LAN Line Tester

Tests LAN jack (RJ-45) wired to 568A/B. standard for telephone line current. RJ-45 test plug is selectable via front panel switch for USOC (telephone) or 568 (LAN) connection. Use to test a LAN jack for telephone current, which might damage an expensive LAN tester. Compact design - fits in shirt pocket. Economical and convenient. One year limited warranty. Instructions: RJ-11 Phone Lines, Plug RJ-11 connector into jack and observe LEDs. Switch position does not effect test. RJ-45 Phone Lines, Set switch appropriately. (USOC for standard phone or 568 A/B for LAN). Plug RJ-45 connector into jack and observe LEDs. Do not plug RJ-11 into RJ-45 jacks. Damage may result. Newer phone lines are often wired to 568 A/B instead of USOC. Some LAN lines have telephone current on previously unused pairs. Pre-testing LAN lines with the Line-Bug 4 before testing with a LAN tester may prevent damage to your LAN tester. Plug RJ-45 connector into jack. Set switch to 568 A/B and observe LEDs. Next, set switch to USOC and observe LEDs. If any LED lights in either switch position, voltage is present.

80% (15)

the frame

the frame

This box is ready for new customers! Not one jumper in it yet ... These photos were taken inside a room we call "the frame". Why? cause it's a big metal frame that supports a whole bunch of wires!

Took some photos yesterday for a project at work. Many more shots taken but though I'd share a few that didn't reveal the person too much..Here our kind line technician is testing a customer's phone connection.

Strobist info:
AB800 camera left - bounced in silver umbrella.
sb800 camera right - gelled blue.
cheapo wireless triggers (last time using them in a while)
had many no fires but there is quite a bit of interference in a telecommunication building.



An unassuming and modest piece of tech, however, this is a signal generator of high usefullness.
Not only does it deliver high power square waves (up to 50 volts, I say!), it does various patterns (selected by the toggle switches) of differing frequencies. As a musical instrument, it drones, and creates complex repeating patterns.

It's actually a Z80 running some code to read the switches, with a pair of biggish power transistors to switch the 50v from the transformer to the high voltage outputs to simulate actual telephone line voltages.

telephone test equipment

telephone test equipment

Greenlee 45473 Telecom Field Technician Kit

Contains all the essential tools and testers to maintain a telecommunications network. Top quality digital multimeter and telephone test set maketroubleshooting a voice network easy. DMM features an industry-leading lifetime warranty. Insulated screwdrivers protect the technician up to 10,000V. Durable Cordura Plus carrying case protects and organizes tools and includes see-through pouches for storing connectors. Outside pockets provide convenient storage of instruction manuals or worksite documents.

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